CSIA Level 3 Ski Instructors Course

CSIA Level 3 Ski Instructors Course

Mon, March 6, 2017

EXAM - MARCH 9th - 10th

The Level 3 ski instructor certification is for advanced skiers that have passed the Level 2 certification. The course enables ski instructors to improve their situational teaching skills, to acquire a better understanding of CSIA technique and methodology, and the role of ski teaching within the ski industry, as well as introduce instructor training. It combines practical ski teaching methods, technical understanding and development, and improvement of guest service skills.

Candidates will receive coaching on their skiing, teaching and people skills with the goal of reaching the Level 3 standard. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach skiers up to advanced parallel skill level.

  • Training in advanced skiing and teaching skills, with development strategies and recommendations for Level 3 exams.
  • Ski improvement at advanced performance level with exposure to varied terrain
  • Technical reference points for advanced skiing
  • Development of advanced teaching skills with practice teaching
  • Review of level 3 standards and exam procedures
  • Individual development strategies

Duration : 3 days 

Prerequisites: CSIA Level 2 certification 

Course Fees: $389.30 + tax

To Register call Jeannie Proctor, Snow School Direction at (506) 433-7687 or E-mail jeannie@poleymountain.com